Oly joins speaker list for Inspire Project

Lights On Well Being Oly Newton delivering a lived experience mental health talk for Lights On Well Being

Oly was chosen to deliver three keynote speaking engagements and facilitate mental health workshops as a part of the Inspire Project. A project lead by the RNN Group, which spanned across Rotherham, Dearne Valley, and North Notts College. The ground-breaking project has since received an AOC commendation and the team at RNN have big plans for 2023.

The Inspire Project was made up of four Speakers/Coaches. Luke Staton – Motivational Speaker. Oly Newton – Speaker and Mental Health Trainer. Steve Sallis – an Author and Mindset coach. Leonie Lightfoot – Chimp Paradox. Four people, with ONE goal – To inspire the next generation.  

This gave Oly the opportunity to share his Run4YourMind journey with around 700 students, and deliver 15 bespoke Mental Health Workshops, with the focus being on “Mental Resilience”. He speaks very fondly of his involvement in this incredible initiative, and describes it as “the biggest impact he’s ever made”. This has led to him switching the focus with the Run4YourMind Foundation to supporting Youth Mental Health. 

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