Our people

We aim to help businesses support employee well being, all year round.

Our goal is to prioritise employee well-being by addressing the prevalence of poor mental health. 1 in 4 individuals are affected annually, and we believe it’s crucial to provide resources and support to those who may be struggling in the workplace.

With a combination of lived experience and passion, we aim to spread awareness, education, and promote positive mental health through various means.

Our services include delivering mental health workshops and motivational talks, offering Mental Health First Aid training, and assisting in the development and implementation of comprehensive workplace mental health strategies.

It’s time to turn on the lights and provide the support your colleagues need.

Our people

We're a friendly and passionate team, all with lived experience

Oly Newton from Lights On Well Being wearing a black tshirt and cap

Oly Newton

Founder of Lights On Well Being. Oly is a motivational speaker and qualified Mental Health First Aid Trainer. After suffering for years with severe OCD, anxiety and depression, Oly turned to running as a coping mechanism. A decision which would change his life forever.

Oly's story >

Kate O'Leary from Lights On Well Being running a mental health first aid course

Kate O'Leary

Kate is a Counsellor, Lived Experience Speaker and Mental Health First Aid Trainer. It was experiencing panic attacks on her way to work that kick-started her journey into a career in mental health.

Kate's story >

Alix Waterhouse Lights On Well Being

Alix Waterhouse

Alix is an Advanced Mental Health Advisor, Pilates Teacher and Nutritional Therapist, specialising in Gut Health. Alix is passionate about empowering others on their wellbeing journey.

Alix's story >

Tanya Marwaha Lights On mental health

Tanya Marwaha

Tanya is an award-winning young person that decided to pioneer youth mental health awareness during the pandemic from her bedroom by founding a youth-led peer community, Championing Youth Minds, supporting over 700 young people globally.

Tanya's story >

Lara Rebecca motivational speaker lights on mental health

Lara Rebecca

Lara Rebecca is an accomplished Motivational Speaker, Mental Health and Eating Disorder Awareness Advocate. She hosts and independently produces 'The Keep Smiling Podcast' and accumulated over 50,000 followers to her self-titled YouTube channel within the first 3 months of launching.

Lara's story >

Rochelle Kenyon Lights On Well Being Mental Health First Aid trainer

Rochelle Kenyon

Rochelle’s mental health experience began when the effect of racism and childhood traumas led to 10 years of living with severe depression and suicidal thoughts and behaviours. Rochelle brings a plethora of experience in the mental health field and is now a MHFA Instructor.

Rochelle's story >

George Evans Lights On Well Being

George Evans

In 2022, George shared his story on LinkedIn, showing others that trans people can and do lead regular lives. The post went viral and was a spark to begin his public speaking journey. George is available for Lived Experience Talks and leads our ”LGBTQIA + Inclusion at work” workshops, as well as specialist business support.

George's story >

Harrison Ward the "Fell Foodie" Lights On Well Being wearing a red jacket

Harrison Ward

Harrison Ward, perhaps better known as Fell Foodie, is an inspirational speaker, mental health advocate and outdoor cook who loves to recreate restaurant style meals on minimal equipment (usually a campstove) in remote locations. His talk touches on moments of resilience, not being afraid to ask for help, change management and the power of the outdoors for mental and physical wellbeing.

Harrison's story >

Shaun Flores Light on Mental Health wearing a brown shirt

Shaun Flores

Shaun has dedicated himself to making a positive impact by actively promoting change and raising awareness about OCD, Eating Disorders, Anxiety & Depression. Through his various roles and platforms, Shaun strives to bring attention to these important issues, fostering understanding, empathy, and support for those affected.

Shaun's story >

"Oly has this amazing authenticity and magnetism telling his story that you can’t help but feel inspired. I asked him to speak at our Mindset Event about Mental Resilience. His journey, passion and dedication to speak honestly and his ability to deliver a touching and unplugged version of his journey with OCD and anxiety touched the audience. Getting through to them and resonating with their own stories."
Innovate UK Edge logo
Fiaz S
Senior Innovation & Growth Specialist at Innovate UK Edge North
“At the event, Harrison grabbed the attention of our guests with his truly inspirational story, whilst cooking a very tasty curry for all. He got stuck into everything and there wasn’t a time when I didn’t see a big smile on his face.”
Garmin logo
Garmin UK
"Thank you for sparing your time today Oliver – we never know the path people are walking (or running)! So it was inspiring to hear your story."
Prezzo logo
Mitz P
Head of IT Projects at Prezzo
"Exceptional from start to finish, the most valuable training course I have attended (I have attended many over the years) energy and knowledge of deliverers was brilliant and kept us engaged and energised throughout. Thank you so much, life changing stuff and very insightful."
Lotus logo
Owen L
Global Head of Product Definition at Group Lotus
“We recently ran a Happy Monday event for VCUK colleagues aiming to encourage Volvo colleagues to get outdoors in nature and walk/talk for better mental health. Harrison was the face of this event/campaign talking about his personal experience eloquently and confidently which inspired many VCUK colleagues to get involved.”
Volvo Cars logo
Volvo Cars
"Despite being a qualified social worker, the knowledge I gained from attending this course was amazing. The instructors really made the course through their knowledge and lived experiences, which made the course so much more valuable and insightful then just reading from a slide. Can’t thank the course leaders enough and there attention to detail and compassion to us learners was spot on throughout. Keep up the amazing work, you are two very special individuals and thank you."
Mental Health first aider Logo
MHFAider® Course Participant
“Harrison is a true excellent inspirational speaker. His frankness and authenticity, sprinkled with honest self-reflection and humour is uplifting and impactful.”
University of Sheffield logo
University of Sheffield
"It's been incredible to see the impact Oly and the consultancy is having. Far from a tick box exercise, Oly has created a ground-breaking mental health service for organisations that's driven by impact. I'd strongly recommend organisations speaking with Oly and the team."
Harry B
CEO & Co Founder of Champion Health
"We invited Oly deliver a talk to Microsoft Ireland about his journey as a Mental Health Advocate and it was phenomenal. We had 40+ attendee and the audience was amazed by his views on mental health, his running journey, how he defeated OCD and made an impact on us. This was during a hard time in which employees were suffering mental health problems during lockdown and work from home. I highly recommend Oly as your next guest for Mental Health sessions."
Microsoft logo
Khaled J
Sr. Azure Sales Specialist Microsoft Ireland
"Oly is a complete inspiration. A brave man who constantly battles his own demons but a man who overcomes and gives so much of himself to help others. His presentation to our staff, clients and supply chain was raw, honest and enlightening. Oly you truly are one in a million and I would highly recommend you and the Run4YourMind foundation."
Overbury logo
Julie B
Information Manager at Overbury Eos
"I would 100% recommend this course Kate and Oly were fantastic they both put everyone at ease treated everyone equally and with a lot of respect. It's a shame it had to end."
Mental Health first aider Logo
MHFAider® Course Participant
"Oly spoke to our audience of students and recent grads about mental resilience as part of our summer event series. His talk was inspirational and received incredibly positive feedback from our audience and the Pagoda team. Thank you Oliver, keep going!"
Pagoda Projects logo
Jamie B
Managing Director at Pagoda Projects